Telangana State Cooperative Union Training & Education – TSCS 1964 Act Provisions

  1. As per the amendments of Telangana Cooperative Societies Act vide G.O. M/s. No. 53, dated: 20/05/2016, a new section 8-A Renewal of Registration has been inserted in the Act. According to this section, Telangana Cooperative Union shall arrange Member Education Programmes to the members of Cooperatives for renewal of Registration of the society. This is one of the statutory obligations of Telangana State Cooperative Union, Hyderabad.
  2. NABARD specified in its guidelines that DCM & CA is must for recruitment and promotion of the employees of cooperative societies like DCCBs and PACS. Only TSCU is conducting DCM & CA Course in the state.
  3. As per rule 36-A and section 44-A, every Coop. Society shall earmark one percent of gross profit or gross income towards Education Fund out of which 30% to be paid to the TSC Union to conduct Education & Training Programmes to the MC Members, Members and Employees of the Coop. Societies.


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The Government of Telangana vide G.O.Rt.No.391, Agriculture and Cooperation (Coop. II) Department, dated. 05-08-2016 has appointed the Person-In-Charge Committee consist of (4) members under Section 32(7)(a) of Telangana State Cooperative Societies Cooperative Union Ltd, Hyderabad.

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