NAME OF THE OFFICER                       DESIGNATIN UNDER RTI 2005                                                      PHONE NOS AND                                                                                                                                                                                                   CELL NOS 

SRI M.A.RAZZAK                                                       ASSISTANT STATE PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER                               040-23234148,9346648919
SMT. CH. VALLI SRI VIDYA                                      STATE PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER                                                       040-23234148,9603248986
SMT. B.ARUNA                                                           1st  APPELLATE AUTHORITY                                                                        040-23234148,9912222088

Main Objectives

  1. To develop, strengthen and safeguard the cooperative movement; to organize and promote cooperation in its various phases; to give suggestions to the Cooperative Department in matters of cooperative policy
  2. To propagate Cooperative Principles propounded by International Cooperative Alliance, and to act as a recognized exponent of Cooperative Education & Training for the Cooperative movement in the State.
  3. To arrange Cooperative Education programme for the Members, Potential Members and Non-members and to expand the umbrella of Cooperation.
  4. To improve leadership traits through Leadership Development Programmes for elected representatives of cooperatives like Presidents & MC Members.
  5. To arrange Training to the Departmental Officers and to improve their functioning through HRD Programmes.
  6. To encourage computerization and providing training in the use of Computers to the Employees of Societies and Cooperative Department.
  7. To conduct regular Diploma Course in Cooperative Management & Computer Applications Course and also Short-term Training Programmes in the existing (2) Cooperative Training Centres in the State (i.e., Hyderabad & Warangal).
  8. To publish Cooperative Journal by name Sahakara Samacharam, other literature on Cooperation and to print & supply Byelaws and other Printed Stationery to the Cooperatives in the State.
  9. To conduct Meetings, Seminars, Workshops, and to organize Exhibitions on Cooperation and to celebrate All India Cooperative Week to highlight the achievements of Cooperative Movement in the State and to conduct Competitions to Youth to inculcate the habit of Cooperation amongst them.
  10. Express opinion on matters of cooperative policy and act as the accredited representative of the Cooperative Movement in the state level.

  11. Organize cooperative education and training programmes and popularize the Principles and practices of cooperation;

  12. Organize , conduct, collaborate and assist in carrying out research, investigations of cooperative problems and formulation of projects for cooperative development
  13. Give publicity to the achievements of cooperatives through periodicals, journals, newspapers, pamphlets, brochures, books, films, broadcasts, T.V. and the like for creating favorable atmosphere for the development of the cooperative movement;
  14. Maintain an information bureau and a library
  15. Facilitate the promotion of cooperative institutions and assist the member societies  in resolving their problems and difficulties and formulation of programmes and their implementation and preserve and safeguard the democratic character of the cooperative movement in the country;

  16. Conference/honors on the eminent cooperators
  17. Help, promote marketing on cooperative to cooperative basis by documenting necessary information and to act as nodal agency for the benefit of Cooperative  movement

  18. Provide consultancy services to the cooperatives.

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The Government of Telangana vide G.O.Rt.No.391, Agriculture and Cooperation (Coop. II) Department, dated. 05-08-2016 has appointed the Person-In-Charge Committee consist of (4) members under Section 32(7)(a) of Telangana State Cooperative Societies Cooperative Union Ltd, Hyderabad.

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