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SRI M.A.RAZZAK                                                       ASSISTANT STATE PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER                               040-23234148,9346648919
SMT. CH. VALLI SRI VIDYA                                      STATE PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER                                                       040-23234148,9603248986
SMT. B.ARUNA                                                           1st  APPELLATE AUTHORITY                                                                        040-23234148,9912222088

Our Success Stories

  1. Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society imited, BandlagudaKhalsa, Balapur Read More >>
  2. Step by step growth of Metpally PACS Read More >>
  3. “ BhagyanagarRythuSeva Cooperative Union” Indira SevaSadan, Rangareddy Read More >>
  4. Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society Limited, Puttandoddi ( Head Quarters : ErravalliChowrashta) Read More >>
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  6. Name synonymous with development, Konapur PACS 

Step by step growth of Metpally PACS

There is a special place for Metpally society of ShankarpatnamMandal among the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies which are accelerating in their development and are functioning very well in Karimnagar district. It rose to greater heights from shallow bottoms, it reached the stage where foreigners are willing to visit this society, extending multiple services, earning profits and increasing their fixed assets and standing as role model to many societies. From the stage where it was difficult even to give crop loans to members to the stage of establishing banking counter by opening the savings accounts for members and inculcating in them the banking habits, this society came forward to give educational loan when the commercial banks were hesitating to give and helped the student of the village to reach greater heights in his life. It gave loans to buy autos for the unemployed youth whose family members are members of the society. Along with autos it gave loans to buy two wheelers to the necessary members, loans on gold jewellery and distributing the loans by maintainingthe women self-help group accounts. With an intention to provide diesel to the tractor owners within the purview of the society, it managed to get deposits from the tractor owners by uniting them and with the cooperation of Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank it is operating a diesel and petrol pump.On witnessing the progress of the society, the Cooperative department as a part of encouraging them granted them the “RashtriyaKisanVikasYojana”(RKVY) and extended Rs.42 Lakhs for the construction of warehouses.Along with successfully operating by establishing the Banking Counter at the merged central village society Melangur in this society, it envisaged on construction of warehouses in the villages, distributing milk and fertilizers with subsidy seeds, and organising the collection of paddy. Starting from 2005-06 with the loss of Rs.60 Lakhs, to earning Rs.18 Lakhs net profit as per 2014-15 Audit, it continued to earn profits and in the present year i.e., 2016-17 it earned about Rs. Profits and bouncing ahead is something noteworthy. Hence we have to know its success story.
There is a necessity to mention specially about one person who laid foundation for the success of this society. He is TummalaSriramreddy, who was elected as the society president in the election as part ofVaidyanathan Renewal Package who is also the director in the present governing body. He earlier worked as the president of Land Mortgage Bank before the single window establishment. He has the understanding of the cooperative sector. While adopting the Vaidyanathanpackage, in the cooperative election as per the request of the friends and well wishersparticipated in the elections and got elected. At that time the society was completely in losses and was not in a position to extend any service to its members. With an intention to rejuvenate the society, he organised a meeting with directors, farmers, and some well wishers. I was also invited by Sri Ramreddygaru who know me as the cooperative activist and cooperative educationist. This meeting was held then in NCDC building which was in dilapidated situation. As this building was not utilised, the nearby houses used this compound for open defecation. On that day only this society resolved to change the society office and we shifted out office. Initially office was in rented premises and slowly with the help of the governing body members, he played a key role by establishing new office which is very similar to corporate office. In the situation where there is scarcity of staff, he appointed people within the society for a meagre salary, encouraged them and given them responsibilities by resolutions and he showed his management skills and inculcated discipline in them. He encouraged them to followthe office procedure. Society as an agent took Micro Life Insurance and when compared with all societies in the District Cooperative Bank purview done maximum LIC business and accrued to the society an income in the form of commission and was felicitated by LIC. The members have faith in him and his dedication towards the cooperative society and the cooperation of District cooperative bank in giving finances helped the society in total. He once told the cooperation of the then Bank CEO Bhanuprakash was noteworthy and he was felicitated by the bank governing body president Sri KonduruRavinderRao. He was behind the success story of society as he helped in sanctioning of loans. Foundations were laid for the development of society with the coordination of Cooperative department, Financial banks and Markfed with dedicated efforts. On the same foundation, the present President KalvaPapireddy is continuing the development with the help of governing body. Papireddy is also taking Sriramreddy as a role model and with the cooperation of the governing body and by giving directions to the employees with discipline he is moving forward. Under the leadership of S.Sadaiah, Chief Executive Officer of the society, the employees following the rules and regulations framed during the first governing body are exhibiting their talents. Even though if the development under the present president and governing body may not be as assumed but it should not decelerate and bring bad name. With this intention they are working with perseverance.
Details of financial administration:
• Establishment of the society : 14-03-1959, R.No. 5/TQ
• Villages under the society : 1. Metpally 2. Lingapur3. Kothagattu 4. Molamgur5. Chintalapally 6.Kannapur 7.Dharmaram 8. Arkandla 9. Amudala Pally
• Total members of the society as on 31-03-2017: 3402
• The share amount of members as on 31-03-2017 : Rs.76,38,800/-.
• Deposits of the members as on 31-03-2017 : Rs.2,06,38,398/-.
• Government share amount as on 31-03-2017 : Rs.35,650/-
• Loan to be repaid to the financial banks :Rs. 8,17,55,488/-.
• Loans to be repaid by members : Principal – Rs.10.20 Crores Interest -Rs. 0.35 Crores
Different loans given to the members :
CKCC loans -Rs. 385 Lakhs
LT Loans – Rs. 355 Lakhs
SHG -Rs. 8130 Lakhs
Gold Loans -Rs. 246 Lakhs
Personal Loans – Rs. 8.5 Lakhs
Two wheeler Loans -Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
Loans against deposits -Rs. 12.75 Lakhs

Loans given to the members

1. Crop loans 2. Long term loans 3. Loans to self help groups
4. Loans on gold jewellery 5. Personal Loans

Non-credit services

Fertilizers, seeds, petrol and diesel, collection of paddy and Savings and fixed deposits.

“ BhagyanagarRythuSeva Cooperative Union” Indira SevaSadan, Rangareddy

Sri P. Pullareddy PIC/Chairman of Rangareddy district, BhagyanagarRythuSeva Cooperative Union is informing the following details to the readers of the monthly magazine pertaining to Union Cooperation Information.

Propaganda is being made that the members of the society are involving in the activities of the society, they are becoming the shareholders in the development of the society, giving their cooperation in the different developmental programs and for growth of own funds of the society, to safeguard the savings of the members and their relatives in the society. As the response from the members is good, the progress is being achieved. From own funds he informed that loans on gold jewellery, business loans and loans to the women group are granted.

• He said that in order for a member to have a right to vote, he should have minimum Rs.300/- share amount
• He said that right to vote will not be granted if any member has to repay in cash or in kind the amount from at least 3 months
• He said that the co-member will have the right to vote if he has at least Rs.5000/- deposits for a continuous period of 2 years prior to the declaration of the election date in the society
• He said that the member of the group will have right to vote if he is a debtor for at least Rs.10,000/- for a period of 6 months prior to the declaration of the election date in the society.

He thanked the members and officials who are helping in the development of the society.

Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society Limited, Puttandoddi
( Head Quarters : ErravalliChowrashta)

Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society Limited, Puttandoddi was established vide R.No. T.N.No.534. In 2005 as a part of reorganisation, the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society, Dharmavaram, Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society, Valluru, Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society, Chagapuram are merged into Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society. From then the society purview increased to total 34 villages in Itikyalamandal, and is rendering different types of services to the members of the society. After merging of the above mentioned societies , the society Head Quarters is changed to mandal centre Itikyala.

But in 2013, the warehouse godown with 264 MT capacity is constructed with all latest facilities (Reg No. 22/7/2013) at ErravalliChowrashta, from then onwards society headquarters is shifted to ErravalliChowrashta. Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society, Puttandoddi from 2013, August with the cooperation of NABARD, the crops grown by their farmers were ensured for online selling for the first time in the state with the sponsorship of ORIGO. Commodities India Ltd and WDRA (Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority) and this opportunity was given by NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited). With this till now, most of the farmers stored their crop in society godownsand NCDEX they sold their crop for good rate in online market. Till the crop is sold for the good rate, society is giving loans on crops which are stored in the godowns and is meeting the necessities of the farmers. It is quite evident that the total effort of the society president MasaniManikyareddy, the governing body, members of the society and employees helped for the development of the society.

Information of the society:

1. Extent of Jurisdiction: Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society, Puttandoddhi society consists of 34 villages in Itikyalamandal.

2. Membership and share amount: As per 2016-17 year, there are about
11,346 members in the society and the share amount is Rs.69,24,807/-.

3. Loans given to members through the society:
• Short term loans : Rs.3,20,80,174/-
• Long term loans : Rs.1,09,78,449/-
• Pledge loans : Rs.39,38,368/-
4. Debts: Got financial assistance from DCCB, Mahaboobnagar and by 2016-17 the following loans were taken as debt

I. Short term Loans :Rs.6,53,26,540/-
II. Long term Loans : Rs.1,00,69,680/-
III. Pledged Loans : Rs.37,45,383/-

5. Details of the godown: There are three godowns within the purview of Puttandoddhi, Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society.

• ErravalliGodown -264 MTS
• DharmavaramGodown – 662.11 MTS
• ValluruGodown – 157.38 MTS

Along with the above mentioned godowns, buildings are taken on rental basis in the necessary villages within their purview and are supplying fertilizers, different kinds of seeds to the members of the society. The crops grown by the members of the society are purchased for support price as mentioned by the government (MARKFED, TS Seeds) and are offering different kinds of services to the members.

6. Details of business: Different kinds of seeds and fertilizers are supplied to the members of the society.

I. Paddy (BPT) : Rs.2,90,000/-
II. Bengal gram : Rs.1,39,06,500/-
III. Black gram : Rs.9,846/-
IV. Fertilizers : Rs. 1,03,280/-

Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society Limited
Uppununthala, Nagar Kurnool District

On 25-06-2005, Peddapur and Velturu PACS are merged into Uppununthala PACS. These three societies together are in the losses to the tune of one Crore sixty seven Lakhs.After the merging of these societies Sri MadduNarender Reddy was elected as the first Chairman on 28-10-2005. Till now, Sri MadduNarender Reddy is still continuing as the president of the society. In this society there are crop loans to the tune of Rs.86.58 Lakhs and Long term loans to the tune of Rs.332.00 Crores. In 2006 the own building to this society was constructed with Rs. 8.00 Lakhs.In 2008, as part of Vaidyanathan Package Rs.2.58 Crores accrued to the society. In 2008 as part of loan waiver, under crop loans Rs.1.210 Crores and under Long term loans Rs.2.10 Crores were waived. After getting elected for the second time, after 4-2-2013, 2100 MT godown was constructed with Rs.63.40 Lakhs with the financial assistance from NABARD. 500 MT Fertilizer godown was constructed with Rs.22.18 Lakhs and with Rs.9.80 Lakhs financial assistance from District Cooperative Central Bank, Mahaboobnagar, a meeting hall is constructed on the building and chamber of president is also constructed. In 2014, Telangana Government had waived loans in 4 phases to the tune of Rs.9.32 Crores. This society with the losses of one crore sixty seven lakhs marched into profits and in 2017, March it embarked into Rs.46.50 Lakhs profits. Through the society, the paddy and maize from the farmers are purchased and payments are done as per the support prize announced by Telangana Government to the farmers.

1. Crop Loans : Rs. 13,82,70,000/-
2. Long term Loans : Rs. 46,49,504/-
a) Loans for milk production : Rs. 3,59,56,058/-
b) Loans for Tractor :Rs. 2,31,27,334/-
c) Loans for Poultry farms : Rs. 1,82,02,771/-
d) Loans for Sheep rearing : Rs. 1,92,61,018/-
3. Loans on gold jewellery : Rs.2,28,01,000/-
4. Loans for small businesses : Rs.33,24,000/-
5. Loans to government employees: Rs. 5,80,000/-
6. Interest accrued from government: Rs. 81,13,670/-
7. Deposits in Dist. Coop. Central Bank : Rs.10,00,000/-
8. Share amount in Dist. Coop. Central Bank: Rs.98,00,000/-
Capital amount of society:
1. The share amount of members of the society : Rs.1,95,38,094/-
2. Savings and deposits of members of the society : Rs. 2,20,69,000/-
3. Loans from Dist. Coop. Central Bank : Rs.23,40,24,713/-

After the merging of Peddapur, Velturu and Uppununthala societies on 25-07-2005, the society has given crop loans of Rs.32,12,938/-, Long term Loans of Rs.3,10,75,845/-, totalling Rs. 3,42,88,783/-.

Profits earned by the society from the past six years:
2009-2010 Rs. 3,43,000/-
2010-2011 Rs.47,76,411/-
2011-2012 Rs. 7,15,913/-
2014-2015 Rs.3,86,713/-
2015-2016 Rs.1,71,20,301/-
2016-2017 Rs.46,25,913/-
At present the society is functioning with the net profit of Rs.2,23,41,214/-.
Members of the society: 10513
Society has Rs.63.40 Lakh 2100MT godown, Rs.23 Lakhs 500MT godown and Rs.7.80 Lakh seed godown.
Society has own building of Rs.30.00Lakhs, 0.22 guntas land in Uppununthala, 0.20 guntas land in Upparipally and a building in Velturu. Society is involved in the purchase of paddy , maize and red gram and is into seeds business, fertilizer business.

Name synonymous with development, Konapur PACS

KonapurPACS stands as an example for achieving anything with perseverance. This society was established in 1919 in RamayampetMandal of Medak district. From then to till now it overcame many hindrances, by utilising the resources which are available and as the ceded society to State Bank of India, Medak with the limited opportunities it evolved as the ideal society for other cooperative societies. Till 2005, the society was functioning with meagre resources. Konapur village, along with two thandas purview, with only 5 Crore Crop Loans, and with 680 members it is progressing by achieving 100% recovery.In the governing body elections that held in 2005, Madhava Reddy GariDevender Reddy got elected and developed this society with his trademark style. Presently it has achieved excellent development when compared with the surrounding PACS.
In 2012-13, with the financial support of NABARD, 1500MT capacity godown was constructed in SEI Medak with 32 lakhs. It got involved in business of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and is continuing with full computerisation of society records. It has established centres for purchasing of paddy and maize. It is extending financial support for the final rituals of any dead member and also assisting in the marriages of daughters of the members. With the assistance of IFFCO-TOKYO Insurance company, all the members in the society were insured. Under the aegis of IFFCO, farmers awareness sessions and training on preparation of Bio fertilizers to PACS were undertaken.Jeeluga seeds are sold on subsidy to members of the society. LIC agency was taken on behalf of the society, and extending all kinds of insurance services. Strategies are being formulated in order to construct market yard by acquiring the suitable land with the cooperation of the members of society and to do business by extending more services which are beneficial to the farmers with the help of NCDC, Delhi.Meeseva centre is being functioning in the society. With deposit collection, 100% loan recovery, getting A-Grade in audit, this society was selected as the best society among the 16 societies which are affiliated to SBI, Medak and was felicitated by the SBI AGM. It also received the best society award from the then Minister Smt.SunithaLaxmareddy and the then collector Dinakarbabu.The services of president of the society Sri.M.Devender Reddy were noteworthy in taking the Konapursociety on the development path. With the cooperation from Cooperative department officials and members of the society and by following the principles and values of cooperation it evolved as an ideal society and is shining as a torchbearer to other societies. It gave 5,23,00,000 S.T. loans, 68,59,513 L.T. loans and 68,59,513 advances. It has fixed deposits in SIA 79,25,000/-, fixed deposits to the society from members 24,01,650/-, HPCL fixed deposits 5,00,000/-, KRIBHCO fixed deposits 5,00,000/-, GROMOR fixed deposits 5,00,000/-, fertilizer business 71,52,324/-, seed business 10,63,727/-, pesticides 2,22,310/-, HPCS (Petrol Diesel) business 9,78,67,242/-, and the details for 2016-2017 are present with the society.


                                                                   NATIONAL COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION 


1.       Name of the Scheme/Award:

The award shall be known as Regional Awards viz. (a) NCDC Award of Excellence for Cooperatives” & (b) “NCDC Award of Merit for Cooperatives”.

2.       Objective of the Scheme:

i)                    To recognize the important role played by Cooperatives for cooperative development of the country.

ii)                   To promote the spirit of competition amongst the grass –root level cooperatives i.e. primary Level Societies and recognize their role in socio-economic development.

iii)                 To publicize the role of NCDC as a National Level Institution for Promotion and Development of Cooperatives.

3.       Categories of Awards:


              NCDC has decided to continue with the Regional Awards for Cooperative Excellence and Merit in the Following three categories.

Category No

Category of


Eligible coops

No of Awards




Best primary Credit Cooperatives (PACS)

All Agri Credit Coops (PACS, Agri Banks etc)


First Prize – Excellence


Second Prize- Merit



Best Primary Coop- elatives in Two Prominent Sectors of the State

All primary Cooperatives of respective Sector


First Prize – Excellence

(Two Selected Sectors)




Second Prize –Merit

(Two Selected Sectors)




Best Women Cooperatives

All Primary Women Cooperatives


First Prize _Excellence


Second Prize -Merit



Total No. of Awards





*Note: NCDC Regional Awards shall be in the form of cash and a certificate of recognition/citation.









4.       Eligibility Criteria


The applicant society should fulfill the following conditions for being nominated under the scheme:-


i)                    The society must have positive net worth, no erosion of share capital and be in net profit in the preceding three years.

ii)                   The society should have no default in repayments.

iii)                 The society should have an elected Board of Directors, barring exceptional circumstances (certified by RCS).

iv)                 The society should have shown initiative for socio – economic development and bringing women and weaker sections in its fold.

v)                  Up to date audit – (statutory /Chartered Accountant) and the Audit classification of the society should be A or B.

5.       Selection of Societies for the Awards:

Selection of societies for awards will be made by the four Members State Level Selection Committee constituted for the purpose with the Regional Director, NCDC as the Convener.


The convener will invite nomination from functional Registrar /Directorate concerned with different cooperative activities.


The State Level Selection committee will screen nominations received and select two best societies in each category for Awards. Guidelines for evaluation methodology are given in Annexure –I.


A copy of Application From to be filled in by Primary Cooperative Societies is given in 



Criteria for Selection of Societies for NCDC Regional Awards for Cooperative Excellence and Merit -2021, (Annexure-III).


6.       Declaration / Presentation of Awards:


NCDC Regional awards shall be announced and presented to the winners at a function to be organized at state Capital or at any other place as decided by the corporation OR State Level Selection Committee.


7.       Last Date for Receipt of Application


Eligible societies are required to submit application (in the format enclosed) to the respective Regional Directors, latest by 15th September, 2021.





                                    Guidelines                                             Annexure-I

1.       Increasing the Participation

i)                    Wide Publicity for seeking nomination of societies for awards may be given through Radio/TV/Local Newspapers/Cooperative journals/ Website / social media.

ii)                   Nomination letter may be issued from NCDC to the Secretary /RCS of all State /UTs with a copy of scheme and application from.

iii)                 Letter from Regional Director may be issued to all State Commodity/Labour/Industry/service Marketing Cooperative Federations, District Cooperative Federations / District Registrars implementing activities.

iv)                 Adequate copies of application forms may be made available at District Cooperative Banks/Officers of the District Registrar so that primary cooperatives can obtain from  Receptive District Officer . They can also obtain application from from Regional Director Office through mail or alternately download from NCDC web site (

v)                  Reminder letters from Regional directors to all above in Serial No. (ii) & (iii) nay be issued at certain intervals to expedite entire entries of societies timely.

vi)                 All filled –in-application forms by societies may be sent to the offices of Regional Directorates, NCDC.

2.       State Level Selection Committee – Constitution and Functions

State Level Selection Committee will comprise the following members.

i)                    Principal Secretary/Secretary (Cooperation) Registrar of Cooperative Societies – Chairman

ii)                   One member from Cooperative Departments of Government

iii)                 One Cooperative Leader (president/Chairman, State Level Cooperative Federations namely State Cooperative Union/SCB etc.

iv)                 RD, NCDC – Convener member.

3.       The functions of the committee

i)                    The committee will scrutinize the data submitted by societies, on the basis of eligibility conditions laid down in the, scheme for participation in the Award.

ii)                   To select the best Eight (8) societies among the eligible entries; following evaluation guidelines may be followed:-

a)      Performance of societies in the preceding three years i.e. 2018-19’2019-20 and 2020-21.

b)      With reference to expansion of membership base, owned funds, business turnover, net profit and amount spent on welfare activities.

c)       Societies having. Won preceding two consecutive NCDC Excellence Awards will not be eligible for the NCDC Regional Awards.


Note:-     Incomplete application forms without supporting documents will be summarily rejected.                     ******




Criteria for Selection of Societies for NCDC Regional Awards for

Cooperative Excellence and Merit -2021

Average Annual Growth Rate for the Period 2018-19 to 2021-21 (&)


 Ordinary Member Share Capital

Total Share capital

Reserves & Funds

Total Funds

Business Turnover

Net Profit

Average Performance (for the period 2018-19 to 2020-21)

Active Member w.r.t Total members%

Own Business w.r.t. Govt. Sponsored business %

Audit Classification

Audit Classification score


Return on Capital %

Per Employee Business Turnover

Employee Trained %

Social Welfare Activities (No.)

Amount spent on Welfare w.r.t. Net Profit %

Performance  Data for 2021-21(Rs. In lakh)

Membership (No.)

Total Share Capital

Total Funds

Business Turnover

Net Profit

Average Performance (for the period 2018-19 to 2020-21

AGM Attendance %















Separate Application for each Category Award to be submitted


Applying for NCDC Regional Award in the Category of (in case same society desires to contest in different category of award. Separate application is to be submitted)







Best primary Credit Coop (PACS)




Please tick appropriate box




Best Primary Cooperative in prominent Sector of the State





Best Women Cooperative



Type of COOPERATIVES (PACS, Marketing, Women, Dairy, Sugar, Fisheries, etc.)





Status OF COOPERATIVE :- Please tick in the appropriate box








Name and Address of the Society





Name of the Chief Executive/Contact person




Telephone office landline/Mobile




Email Address



List of Commercial /business activities undertaken by the society



Details of Social, Activities / Members Welfare programme including Training and Education activities undertaken by the society during the last 3 years (e.g. housing primary health , adult education, women education , BOM/members education, drinking water supply, education facilities etc.)



Whether the society has any special programme for involvement of women, weaker section self help groups, farmer /youth clubs or other voluntary organizations? Please give brief description preferable point-wise.




















Membership Details








SC Members






ST Members


















Total Individual Members







No. Coops as Members





No. SHGs as Members





State Govt.





Total Membership ( A+B+C+D)





Women members out of total





Number of member doing business with the society (i.e Active Members)





The date of the last three Annual general Meeting





Total Number of Member who attended AGM




2          Details of business activities undertaken

             (PL. enclose detailed statement as

             relevant to the society    



Credit activities (if applications)





Agri. Loan

ST Loan




MT Loan




LT Loan









Other than Agri Credit

ST Loan




MT Loan




LT Loan









Credit – Recovery – Agri Loan


Demand Raised ( Rs in lakh)





Collection /Recovery ( Rs lakh)





Balance (Rs in lakh)





Recovery % (ii) / (i)





Credit – Recovery – Non – Agri Loan


Demand Raised ( Rs in lakh)





Collection /Recovery ( Rs lakh)





Balance (Rs in lakh)





Recovery % (Ii) / (I)













Processing Activities Undertaken by the Society (if applicable)


Type of Processing Unit





Raw Material & Finished Products





Capacity of the Unit (in MTs)





Capacity Utilization (in %)





Turnover of the Unit





Performance Results


Business Turnover





Of the above , Government sponsored business





Gross Profit before interest depreciation and Tax










Cash Profit (iii-iv)










Profit before Tax (v-vi)





Income Tax





Net Profit (vii)





Financial position


Gross block (Fixed Assets)










Net Block (1-2)





Work in Progress (fixed assets)










Total Fixed assets (iii+iv+v)





Current  Assests





Current Liabilities





Net Working Capital (vii-viii)





Loans & Advances Received










Paid up Share capital





Members  Share capital












Total Share Capital





Reserves (excluding depreciation)





Undistributed Profits (+) / accumulated Losses(-)






Dividend Distributed (%)
























Status of Board (Elected /Non-Elected)if elected –date of last election





Audit Classification





Manpower and Training




Total No. of Employees




Salary & employees trained




No. of employees trained


Amount spent on welfare programme /Activities





Awards received , if any (Please give details)





No. of Social Activities undertaken





No. of people benefitted by the society





Certified that

a)      Society is not in default to any financing institution /Bank /NCDC.

b)      Accounts of the society have been audited (Statutorily/Chartered Accountant) Upto………………..

c)       It has been checked that all applicable columns have filled up with the relevant information.

d)      The above information is true to the best of my knowledge. In case, any information is found false, the application would be liable for reject                                                                                                                                                           (Name & Signature of the Chief Executive)

                                                                                                                 With seal of the Society


(i)                  Please enclose a brief note above the society and its achievements highlighting:

a)      Adherence to the prevailing provisions of  Acts, rules,

Regulations and guidelines issued by the Government.

b)      Benefits to the members of the Society

c)       Benefits to the area of Society

d)      Adoption of sustainable business and development practices

e)      Concern for the environment and communities

f)       Innovation approach / practices adopted by the society

g)      Timely conduct of Elections

h)      Profitability of the Society

i)        Professionalism in the society and training of its members.

j)        Current business, source of Funding and Rate of interest of the Funding.

k)      Future business expansion plan and source of Funding.

(ii)                Please enclose audited balance sheet, profit & loss / trading account and annual report duly certified by the Chief Executive off the Society

(iii)               Penalty, if any, imposed to the applicant Cooperative by any regulatory authority be indicated.